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At Oakwood, we value relationships and especially with you and your family. If you live in the area, consider calling Oakwood your church home. There is room at the table for you and your family regardless of your church background. Oakwood is a church where you can know you are welcome. Come to worship with us any Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. We hope to see you soon. MONTHLY CALENDAR

Find videos of past Worship Services here at YouTube. WORSHIP VIDEOS

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Oakwood was honored by the Discipleship Ministries Agency of the United Methodist Church on the first night of the 2015 MN Annual Conference. Melanie Gordon of Discipleship Ministries presented Council Chair Kevin Blank and Pastor Ric Jacobsen with the first annual 'ONE MATTERS' Award for Oakwood's significant work of making disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world; increasing baptisms and professions of faith

HISTORY ~ This church began back in 1857 with the first wave of European immigrants who settled in the rich farming area in and around New Ulm. For generations, the church met in the homes of members. Its pastors served not only the believers who attended our services, but all those believers in rural areas who attended occasional services held on area farms. It was after ministering to a group near the present Middle Creek United Methodist Church (Renville County) that Pastor C. Lewis Seder was killed by a Dakota war party on August 18, 1862. The ensuing war gave a set back of discouragement to the young church. The church's record book in the display case in our church lobby is one of the primary sources used for writing histories of the 1862 conflict and its consequences for local settlers.

Our first sanctuary and church building was constructed at 100 North WashingtonStreet. It now serves the River Valley Church. In 1967 the congregation built our present facility where we have continued to worship and present the Word of God, and serve our community. Like many first United Methodist churches, our present name, Oakwood, is derived from our street location. In the tradition of those who founded our church more than 150 years ago, we exist to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and serve the community where God has placed us. We want to receive God's grace, experience God's grace, and be God's agents for grace to our community.


Growing the Kingdom:

:Andrea Lyn & Dick Kimmel In Concert at the Oakwood Theater, Oakwood UMC.
Saturday, January 16
6:00 Cocoa Hour | 7 - 9:00 pm Concert
$15 tickets available at The Chamber or online after Dec 1st
Gourmet Hot Chocolate Bar, Specialty Coffee, Cheesecake and Carrot Cake served
Come as you are for an evening of comfort, cocoa and cake!
100% of profits go toward Oakwood's Outreach to Kids-in-Need and Jefferson ElementaryREAD MORE

With grant funds from the United Methodist Church-School initiative, Oakwood helped the New Ulm Ministerial Association bring Dignity Revolution and speakers Deb Tackmann (speaking to teachers) and Bob Lenz (holding 6 school assemblies and two faith rallies) to our region the first week of October 2015. The response from youth who chose to receive Christ at these events was overwhelming and a blessing for the entire community.


Oakwood's public school outreach is highlighted in this video....outreach that brings joy and serves other's in Christ's name. Check our our 'How To Partner' sheet here.READ MORE


CPR Bystander Training and AED Difibrillator Training was offered Wednesday, October 28 at Oakwood. It was open to all and free of charge.The instructor is certified by the American Heart Association. Over 30 people attended.






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    Our son Nate’s first big deployment was Afghanistan. The history of this war torn country is incredible. Alexander the Great couldn’t hold and control Afghanistan. The British couldn’t, the Russians couldn’t, and the U.S. seems[...]

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  • Huff 'n Bluff
    Posted by : Pastor Ric Jacobsen
  • People aren’t always what they seem. Our perceptions can be wrong, and our judgments far too quick. Believers need to love people enough to get beneath the surface – to love and get to know the real person. [...]

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    Through the years I have ministered to a lot of guys who experienced deep wounds caused by their dads.  There are lots of ways to get wounded by even a well-meaning dad. Some dads have bailed on their kids, some are critical, [...]

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    God gave you anger. It’s a great early response warning system against danger, abuse, or betrayal. Anger helps us know when someone has violated our boundaries and is posing a danger to you, your family, your community, or your nation.[...]

You can find us on the Herman Monument Hill, at 1630 Oakwood Avenue in New Ulm, MN

We're just two blocks off of Center Street and Hazelwood Avenue on the Hermann Heights hill in New Ulm...look for the large statue of Hermann the Cherscian hero as you find our neighborhood. Brown County Heartland Express Bus Service is available on Sundays by advance appointment at 507-359-2717.

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